Ian Maurmann on 30 May 2015


Lots of fix-ups:

  • Smoother fonts
  • KeyBind capitalizes key names
  • use_click, use_hover, use_scroll, use_active, use_focus, are now called automatically when needed, so they'll be behind-the-scenes from now on.
  • Added onKeyup event that was missing
  • Added a "keyboard" event that fires every frame when key(s) are pressed
  • All event callbacks take the same parameters, in the same order, now
  • Added "inner" events that handle built-in events for elements, i.e. an active button changing color, or text being added to the textbox when a key is pressed.
  • onKeydown events for Textbox and KeyBind are now fixed
  • New trigger() function for dynamically triggering events

Ian Maurmann on 06 April 2015


Update for setting the screen resolution using a new "Screen" element. Also added the ability to re-scale the screen in a couple different ways, making it easier to "fake it" if people run the game in a screen resolution you hadn't designed it for.

Ian Maurmann on 31 March 2014


Several new functions in CactusGUI (Alpha 3) for better ease-of-use and faster development:

  • gui [ element ].get ( )
  • gui [ element ].set ( )
  • gui [ element ].isset ( )
  • gui [ element ].apply ( )

Ian Maurmann on 02 November 2013


Back working on CactusGUI again. CactusGUI (Alpha 2) is now available for download.

Fixed the bug that was making the GUI eat too much memory, which also fixed the image rotation bug.

Ian Maurmann on 23 August 2012

CactusGUI 0.3.2

CactusGUI (Alpha 1) is now available for download.

Needed to rework the element event listeners due to a bug where invisible, hidden, or covered elements were still clickable. For this release the listener object will only listen for elements that were drawn to the screen while rendering current frame.

Ian Maurmann on 27 June 2012

CactusGUI 0.3.1

CactusGUI (UF 3) is now available for download.

Ian Maurmann on 26 June 2012

Examples Added

Created a short tutorial for the examples section.

Getting Started, part one, two, and three.

Ian Maurmann on 25 June 2012

Documentation Added

The documentation section is now up.

Added pages for Events, Attributes, and Elements: State, Background, Rectangle, Image, Label, Textbox, Button, Keybind.

Ian Maurmann on 04 June 2012

New Logo!

Ian Maurmann on 28 May 2012

News Display

News display for cactus-gui.org is up and running.
Ian Maurmann on 28 May 2012

New Site

New website for CactusGUI, a GUI for the Pygame game engine.

License is LGPL.