Ian Maurmann on 31 March 2014


Several new functions in CactusGUI (Alpha 3) for better ease-of-use and faster development:

  • gui [ element ].get ( )
  • gui [ element ].set ( )
  • gui [ element ].isset ( )
  • gui [ element ].apply ( )

Ian Maurmann on 02 November 2013


Back working on CactusGUI again. CactusGUI (Alpha 2) is now available for download.

Fixed the bug that was making the GUI eat too much memory, which also fixed the image rotation bug.


CactusGUI is a user interface for the Pygame game engine. It allows you to easily drop textboxes, labels, and images into your game.

The goal of CactusGUI is to provide easy-to-use graphical elements without adding extra complications to your project. A good GUI should make things simpler, not more complicated.

Please Note: CactusGUI is just out of Pre-Alpha. It might have everything you need for your project, but for most projects it will not. If you need a more mature GUI then you'll need to look elsewhere: (PGU, OcempGUI, GooeyPy, Albow, ...and other Pygame GUI's)

UI Elements implemented:

Events implemented:

  • hover
  • unhover
  • focus
  • blur
  • mouseup
  • mousedown
  • click
  • rightclick
  • leftclick
  • keydown


CactusGUI is licensed under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1) the same license that Pygame uses.